It appears obvious that there is a drainage issue or a part malfunction when your washer won’t drain. However, there are so many potential explanations for these two categories that delving into their causes will take up time that you’ve already spent wringing out damp items. We’ll identify the most typical causes of your LG washer not draining, such as a blocked drain hose or a broken door latch.

The Top 5 Most Typical Causes of Your LG Washer Not Draining

Our list of the most typical causes of an LG washer not draining will help you identify the issue and do more efficient troubleshooting. They will also assist you in determining whether to hire a professional or attempt a do-it-yourself repair.

1. An Unbalanced Load

An imbalanced load is generally the cause of your LG washer’s inability to drain. Large or heavy items may settle to one side of the washer drum when being washed. When this occurs, water will remain in your LG washer and it won’t drain or spin correctly.

Try filling the washer drum with a few lighter things in addition to a few heavier ones to prevent an uneven load.

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#2. Wrong Detergent

It is imperative to use a suitable HE detergent if you own an LG HE washer. Too many suds are produced by non-HE detergents for a HE machine to adequately empty. As a result, the reason your LG washing machine won’t finish the cycle could be that the garments won’t dry completely and the machine can’t remove the suds. Overdosing on HE detergent may also cause this issue.

Use the amount recommended by the detergent’s instructions and only use HE detergent in HE washers.

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#3. A Clogged Pump or Drain Hose

Your drain hose or pump may hold the key to explaining how all those missing socks vanish. Socks and other small items of clothing can occasionally make their way into the washer’s drain pipe and even the drain pump. When this occurs, the clog prevents your LG washer from draining.

Unplug the line and check for obstructions to see whether the drain pipe is clogged. Verify that there are no twists or kinks in the hose. Usually, the drain pump is found toward the washer’s bottom. To check for obstructions, remove the front panel of the washer and turn the water pump’s cover open.


LG washer not draining due to Clogged Drain Hose Or Pump

#4. A Broken Down or Problematic Drain Pump

If there isn’t anything blocking your drain line or pump, it’s conceivable that the pump isn’t working properly and isn’t able to extract water. If the pump is silent throughout a wash cycle, this is probably the case. Although it can be a difficult repair, a broken drain pump needs to be replaced. In this instance, a professional service is advised.


#5. Incorrect Door Lock and Switch Configuration

One of the main causes of an LG washer OE error code flashing on the control panel is frequently an issue with the machine’s door lock and switch assembly. This device detects when the door is closed and sends a signal to the washing machine to start the cycle. The washer won’t spin, drain, or even start if the lock is damaged or the switch is malfunctioning. This prevents the machine from receiving the signal to run.

If the door lock and switch assembly isn’t working properly, it needs to be replaced instead of repaired.

We really hope that this tutorial helped you avoid wasting too much time troubleshooting an LG washer that won’t drain. If your troubleshooting indicates that your washer has to be repaired, Fast Appliances Repair can provide a prompt, professional repair to save you even more time. Give us a call right now to keep washing, drying, folding, and repeating!

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