Four Simple Steps To Wash A Down Comforter At Home


Even though a down comforter only needs to be washed every two to three years, washing such a huge and delicate item can be intimidating. Is it possible to wash a down comforter in the washer? Yes, but only if you use a soft cycle, mild detergent, and a moderate dryer temperature in a large-capacity front-load washer.

Learn how to safely wash a down comforter at home with these four simple steps.


How to Wash a Down Comforter in the Washer: A Guide on Comforter Care

To ensure that the comforter may be washed in a machine, we advise you to check the care label if your washer is the appropriate model.

Can a down comforter that is marked “dry-clean only” be washed? Regrettably, doing so can harm the outside material or filler. The only safe method to clean your comforter in this situation is to dry-clean it.

This easy-to-follow tutorial explains how to clean a machine-washable down comforter while lounging in your house.


1. Put the comforter in the washing machine

The wisest course of action isn’t tossing it in the laundry and shutting the door, considering the size of a standard down comforter. This could result in damage, clumping, or unwashed areas. Rather, make sure the comforter has as much room as possible in the washer drum to absorb as much water and detergent as feasible. To ensure that water and detergent can reach every inch, try to minimize twisting or folding.

2. Use Appropriate Detergent

The finest detergent brand to use while cleaning a down comforter isn’t specific. Your comforter can be cleaned with any mild detergent, preventing stains and harm to the outside material or filling.

To apply detergent before washing, use these suggestions:

  • To prevent too many suds and residue in the down filling, use the least amount as suggested on the detergent bottle.
  • Avoid using fabric softener as it might also cause a waxy residue to remain.
  • To brighten and refresh your comforter, use only chlorine-free bleach; regular bleach can wreak havoc on the delicate fabric.

3. Select The Appropriate Wash Cycle

Selecting the appropriate washing cycle is a crucial step in the process of cleaning a down comforter at home. This will shield it from harm and guarantee that the comforter has been thoroughly washed and spun.

Here’s how to pick your down comforter’s ideal washing settings:

  • Whenever possible, choose a moderate cycle to prevent damage to the fabric or down filling.
  • Choose between warm or cold water because hot water can induce shrinkage.
  • To guarantee that there are no remaining suds in the filling, choose an extra or prolonged rinse and spin cycle, if at all possible.

4. Make Sure The Comforter Is Dry

Is it possible to dry clean a down comforter? Yes, provided that the lowest heat setting is used. It can take a few hours for your comforter to dry, but this will stop any heat damage to the stuffing or material.

Here are some more suggestions to help your comforter dry properly:

  • To avoid clumping, place two or three tennis balls or dryer balls in the dryer with the comforter.
  • Every thirty minutes, stop the drying cycle and shake the comforter to re-distribute the down.
  • Dry the blanket until there are no more wet areas and it feels light and fluffy all throughout.

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