Generally speaking, your clothes dryer is a dependable background-operating device that operates silently. Like any other equipment, though, it may occasionally begin to make loud noises, which would be a sign that anything is wrong. We’ll go over some typical problems that could cause your Maytag dryer to make loud noises as well as permanent ways to stop them.


Why Is My Maytag Dryer Making Loud Noise?


My Maytag dryer is noisy; why is it doing this?

Numerous possible factors could be the cause of your Maytag dryer’s loud noise. While some of these problems can be resolved on your own, others could call for the aid of a qualified appliance repair specialist.


Handling The Thumping Noise From The Dryer

If the load in your dryer is distributed unevenly, an unbalanced drum might lead to a thumping noise. To resolve this problem, you can:

  • Turn off the dryer and evenly divide the load again.
  • Make sure you set the dryer down on a flat surface.

Should the issue continue, there’s a chance that the drum rollers or the drum itself are damaged and need to be fixed by a specialist.


How To Handle A Squeaking Or Squealing Noise From A Dryer

Usually, a squeaking or squealing noise coming from the dryer means there’s an issue with the drum support rollers, idler pulley, or belt. These problems can be resolved by:

  • Examining the belt for signs of deterioration. In case of damage, swap it out.’
  • Examining the idler pulley for wear or damage. If needed, replace it.
  • Checking for damage on the drum support rollers. If necessary, swap them out.

You can do these activities by viewing online tutorials or by following the instructions in the user manual. But it’s preferable to hire an expert if you don’t think you can handle these duties on your own.


Examining the Maytag Dryer’s Scraping Noise

A foreign object lodged between the drum and the dryer’s housing may be the cause of a grinding or scraping sound. Take these actions to fix the problem:

  • Take out the lint filter and unplug the dryer.
  • Examine the area surrounding the drum and lint filter with a flashlight to make sure there are no coins or buttons there.
  • Take cautious to eliminate any strange things you find.

Should the noise continue, a professional inspection and replacement of the drum glides or bearings is necessary.


Handling A Buzzing Or Humming Sound

A broken motor may be the source of a humming or buzzing sound, which needs to be fixed by a specialist. Nevertheless, look over the following before contacting a technician:

  • Make sure there are no lint or debris in the dryer’s vent.
  • Verify that there aren’t too many items in the dryer.


The Maytag dryer is rattling


Your Maytag dryer may be making rattling noises because of loose parts, problems with the blower wheel, or foreign items. First, disconnect the dryer and take off the access panel in order to resolve these problems. Examine and tighten any loose nuts, screws, or other fasteners. Make sure the blower wheel is securely attached and free of damage.

In addition, look around the drum and lint filter for any foreign things, such buttons or coins, and take them out. If the problem persists after trying these fixes, you might want to seek professional help.


When To Make A Professional Call

Certain problems can be fixed with straightforward troubleshooting, but others call for specialized knowledge. It’s time to call a professional if you’ve attempted the aforementioned fixes and your dryer is still making loud noises. Your dryer will function smoothly and silently once more if you hire an experienced appliance repair specialist to identify and solve the issue.

Although a noisy Maytag dryer might be annoying, there are often times when it can be fixed without the need for expert assistance. You may troubleshoot and resolve some common issues that result in loud noises from your dryer by following the instructions provided in this article. However, it’s always advisable to speak with a qualified dryer service specialist like the ones at Fast Appliance Repair if the problem continues or you’re unclear of how to proceed.


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