Unusual oven odors unrelated to food might range from enigmatic to frightening. What should I do if, when I first use my Thermador oven, it smells bad? The smell should go away if you burn off any protective inner coatings before cooking. Use this guide to identify any strange odors coming from your oven and to decide how best to respond.

How to Handle a Bad Odor from Your Thermador Oven

Certain oven odors don’t need to be taken seriously, but others could call for quick attention. The following list of typical smells will help you identify and get rid of issues if your Thermador oven is giving off an unpleasant smell.


How To Resolve Thermador Oven Odor Problems

Brand-New Thermador Oven Smells

A lot of oven interiors have lubricants added at the factory to keep them safe during transportation. When using an oven for the first time, these oils can produce smoke and a burning smell. Does the new oven smell hazardous? After the first few usage, these smells should go away and are rarely a reason for concern. Additionally, there are a few easy ways to stop or get rid of them.


To get rid of fresh Thermador oven odors and protective internal coatings, use the following advice:

  • Before using the oven for the first time, clean the inner walls with a clean cloth or paper towel dipped in hot, soapy water.
  • Finish the “burn off:” Before cooking, preheat the oven to 350°F and leave it there for 15 minutes to burn off the protective layers.
  • Use the cycle of self-cleaning: Before using the oven for the first time, run the self-clean cycle to successfully remove any protective coatings. Cooking stains can be removed from ovens without putting oven components at danger of damage by using a natural oven cleaner.

Smell of Burning Plastic in Thermador Oven

There are a few different reasons why both new and used ovens may smell like burning plastic. The following explains why a Thermador oven, new or old, smells like burning plastic:

New ovens: The insulation in the oven may be the source of a burning or chemical odor when it is first used. It should take a few minutes for the stink to go. If the smell persists, look inside the oven for any possible leftover packing materials. This smell might come from plastic wrap and zip ties that have been in the oven.

Used ovens: When plastic cookware or utensils are left in a hot oven, they melt and release an odor similar to burning. If any plastic has melted in the oven, it can be removed with caution using a spoon while it’s still hot. Alternatively, as it cools, it can be scraped off with a knife. Once the oven has cooled, examine the wiring if your Thermador oven smells awful but there is no melted plastic inside. A professional repair is necessary if the plastic sheath surrounding the wiring cracks and releases a burning smell.


How To Resolve Thermador Oven Odor Problems


My Thermador oven smells like gas. Why is that?

When a new Thermador oven is turned on, it may smell temporarily like gas. Before the first ignition, gas is frequently emitted in small amounts. This is a typical smell that will go away in a few minutes.

If the gas smell emanating from your Thermador oven is not recent, you need to take quick action:

When you smell gas in the oven, turn off the gas line and the oven right away. Till an expert appliance repair business can evaluate the oven, don’t use it again.
If the oven smells like gas and is off, there may be a leak in either the oven or your home’s gas connection. It is imperative that you leave your house right away because this could be deadly. Before you return to your home, make an emergency contact with your local gas company or appliance repair agency and request assistance.


Odor of Rotten Eggs or Sulfur Coming From The Oven

If your oven smells like rotten eggs or sulfur, there can be dangerous conditions present. In order to warn you of a possible gas leak, gas companies intentionally scent the gas. If your oven has a sulfurous or rotten egg odor, turn it off, open the windows, and give your gas supplier a call right away. Pets and people should leave your house until the gas company fixes the leak.

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