It can be disconcerting to see a code consisting of characters and numbers on your GE dryer display. Even if your dryer is attempting to notify you of a function change, it can be challenging to resolve dryer error codes if you don’t understand what it’s saying. To ensure that the message is clear, we’ll assist you comprehend the most typical GE dryer code issues, such as Clean Filter and SENSE.



Recognize And Remove Error Codes for GE Dryers

Error codes are not all made equal. Some do signify a problem, but others are a regular aspect of operation. Discover how to resolve problem codes related to GE dryers.

Note: Resetting the device can fix a lot of problems. How is a GE dryer reset? To reset the dryer, turn it off and back on again. Alternatively, you can push the dryer plug’s reset button. If the error is still not resolved, refer to the troubleshooting guide provided below.


Error Codes E3–E6

Meaning: Thermistor faults are usually indicated by codes E3 through E6. The temperature within the dryer drum is measured by a thermistor, a temperature-sensitive device. The thermistor’s reaction alerts the control panel to shut off the dryer in the event that the drum overheats. Thermistors can malfunction over time as a result of frequent exposure to high temperatures, leading to the aforementioned error codes.

How to Fix: A defective thermistor needs to be inspected for damage or loose wires, and if necessary, replaced. After trouble codes E3–E6, disconnect the GE dryer, wait 30 seconds, and then reconnect the power cord to reset the dryer.


Error Number E7

Meaning: An electrical connection failure is typically the cause of this code’s appearance. The dryer’s circuit breaker or an electrical cord or outlet may be the source of the problem.

How to Fix: Ensure that the right electrical outlet is where your dryer is plugged in. For electrical dryers to get enough power, a higher voltage outlet might be necessary. Examine the circuit breaker for the dryer as well, looking for blown fuses or flipped breakers. To reset the code, unplug the dryer and then plug it back in after 30 seconds.


Error Number E11

Meaning: This is one of those error codes for GE dryers that might point to a more serious issue. An fault with the dryer drum motor is indicated by code 11. It’s possible that the motor isn’t spinning correctly or that one of its switches needs to be changed.

How to Fix: If you’re a skilled do-it-yourselfer, you can replace a GE dryer switch at home. But if you’re not comfortable replacing switches, we advise having additional motor faults evaluated by a competent provider. When the dryer’s power is restored following a repair, the code will be removed.


Error Number E14

Meaning: If a control panel key is stuck, this common code will flash on the display. That function won’t work properly if the key is stuck in a specific place.

How to Fix: Stuck keys can occasionally be caused by an unclean control panel. Using a moist cloth, gently touch the control panel, going around each key. In other cases, you can clear this code and release any buttons by just disconnecting the dryer for 30 seconds and turning it back on. In the event that these fixes are ineffective, the control panel can be broken and need to be replaced.


Cleaner Error Code Filter

Meaning: The GE dryer error code check filter is just a warning, as opposed to other GE dryer error codes that point to a problem. At the conclusion of each drying cycle, the code appears as a reminder to clean the lint filter.

How to Fix: You can only get rid of this code by starting a fresh drying cycle. The code cannot be removed, nor can it be disabled by cleaning the lint filter.



SENSE Error Code

Meaning: The control panel of certain GE dryers displays the Estimated Total Cycle Time. The dryer performs this duty by determining the load’s moisture content and estimating how long the drying process will take.

What does a GE dryer’s “flow sense” actually mean? SENSE will glow as the dryer continuously evaluates the moisture content of your load during the drying cycle. The drying cycle will come to an end when there is no more moisture found.

How to Fix: SENSE denotes a regular dryer operation rather than a problem. When the dryer cycle is over, it will vanish from the display and cannot be cleared.

In order to keep you and your dryer in constant communication, we hope this helped interpret the most typical GE dryer error codes. Fast Appliance Repair can assist you if any of these codes indicate that your dryer needs to be repaired. Give us a call to arrange a prompt, professional repair!

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