Why Is My Viking Oven Broiler Not Working?


Breakdowns in ovens have a tendency to leave you in the dark. Therefore, you might not know where to start when trying to fix your Viking oven broiler if it stops working. We’ll troubleshoot a defective broiler to eliminate guesswork and identify the issue, from a burned-out broil element to a malfunctioning igniter.


Three Typical Reasons Why a Viking Oven Broiler Doesn’t Function

Three primary factors are usually present when your Viking oven broiler isn’t working properly. We’ll talk about:

  • defective components for ovens
  • What went awry
  • How to resolve the issue

But first, a brief overview of broiling will help you understand how this cooking technique functions.


What Is Intentional Broiling?

What precisely is broiling? Your oven’s broil element is situated at the top. Food that is positioned closely beneath this element will have its outside seared and its interior left juicy.

Thus, broiling is the best way to prepare single servings of meat or fish, especially thick, flat pieces, so that the juices stay in and the meat stays soft.


What Does Broiling Mean?


The Broil Element Is Exhausted

One common cause of a malfunctioning Viking oven broiler is a burned-out broil element. A broiler that is in operation usually glows red from heat. On the other hand, the element itself may occasionally crack and blister due to the extreme heat of its function.

When this occurs, there will be obvious damage in addition to inconsistent or nonexistent heating in a Viking broiler. It is necessary to replace a burned-out heating element since it cannot be fixed.


Weakness of Viking Gas Oven Igniter

The igniter functions by heating up through the use of an electrical current when the oven is turned on. The igniter sends a signal to the oven’s gas valve to open, allowing gas to flow and lighting the broiler when it hits a specific temperature.

The igniter’s ability to tell the gas valve to open may wane with time. Your Viking broiler won’t ignite when this occurs. After turning on the oven, examine the igniter to determine its condition. It needs to be replaced if it flashes for ninety seconds without setting the broiler on fire. It is probably weakened.


Broil Element Is Burned Out


Burned-Out Spark Electrode: Bake or Broil

A worn-out spark electrode is a common reason why a Viking oven broiler won’t operate. This part assists the igniter in lighting the broiler when the oven is turned on. The spark electrode, which is next to the broiler, ignites the gas by creating a spark.

The spark electrode may wear out and lose its ability to spark if it is defective or old. A visual examination could also reveal damage or cracks that could lead to malfunctions. The spark electrode needs to be replaced because it cannot be fixed in any scenario.


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