Regretfully, a failed meal is typically an indication that the temperature in your oven isn’t as accurate as you believe. Why is the temperature of my LG oven inaccurate? For electric ovens, the most common cause is a burned-out heating element. Check for problems with oven temperature by using these typical causes, but first, notice these warning indicators that something is wrong.


Not Accurate Oven Temperature on LG? This might be the cause


Indications That the Temperature in Your LG Oven Is Off

Is the temperature in your LG oven incorrect, or did you cook anything incorrectly? Though it could be challenging to discern between user error and temperature discrepancies, there are some indicators that absolve you of responsibility for your cooking prowess.


How to determine whether the temperature in your LG oven is inaccurate:

longer than typical cooking times
When following a recipe, food may be underdone or overdone.
Food is cooked in unequal batches, leaving one side underdone and the other cooked completely.


Not Accurate Oven Temperature on LG? This might be the cause

LG Oven Temperature Not Accurate? This Could Be Why


While parts faults are typically to blame for inaccurate temperature readings from your LG oven, occasionally a simple modification will fix the issue. Here’s how to identify the exact source of a temperature problem. Use the center rack when troubleshooting an oven that does not cook food evenly. This will help to guarantee that your food cooks evenly because it is usually the most stable location in the oven. In order to keep the oven’s temperature constant during cooking, keep the door closed. This will guarantee that your food cooks evenly and help keep the heat from escaping.


Bake Element Exhausted

The most frequent reason why electric ovens have temperature issues is a burned-out baking element. When an electrical current passes through the wiring in this metal coil at the base of the oven, heat is produced. When the coil is working well, it will glow a bright red and produce a consistent, even heat that is mostly used for roasting and baking.


These indicators point to a burned-out baking element that requires expert replacement:

  • The LG oven may not be able to reach the desired temperature, which could lead to underdone food or require extended cooking times.
  • Visible damage: Damage such as holes, scorching, or cracking prevents the bake element from functioning. Instead of letting the oven’s self-cleaning routine damage your heating element, consider using our pick for the best DIY oven cleaner.
  • Multimeter testing: The bake element is burned out if the testing shows a loss of continuity.


Weakened Igniter

Is the temperature of your LG gas model oven inaccurate? Maybe a weaker igniter is the cause. When a gas oven is turned on, gas flows through the igniter, which is powered by an electrical current that opens the gas valve. It then produces an electrical spark to ignite the gas, and it keeps doing this until the food is cooked to the desired temperature.

A weaker igniter won’t be able to muster enough force to release the gas valve, which will result in a decrease in oven temperature when cooking. You’ll notice that recipes take longer to prepare or turn out underdone when this occurs. The oven will not heat up at all if the igniter is fully broken. A weak igniter needs to be replaced because it cannot be fixed in either scenario.


Broil Element Exhausted


Broil Element Exhausted


Electric ovens have a broil element on top of the interior in addition to a bake element. In addition to the bake element, this component supplies heat for roasting and baking. But it is the only heating source that can be used to broil food.

How to determine whether the broiler in your oven is broken

  • Visible damage: It may exhibit holes, cracking, or blistering, similar to the bake element.
  • Uneven cooking means that food will cook through on the bottom yet stay underdone on top.
  • Unable to broil: When the broil feature is chosen, food stays raw.
    If a lack of continuity is found during multimeter testing to prove malfunction, the broil element needs to be changed.

The LG Oven Thermostat Requires Adjustment

The LG Oven Thermostat Requires Adjustment


If all of the aforementioned parts are in good working order but the temperature in your LG oven is still off, the oven’s thermostat might need to be calibrated. When cooking, the oven’s temperature changes are sensed by the thermostat, which then indicates when more heat is required. The thermostat may need to be adjusted to more accurately reflect your cooking tastes, even though the manufacturer calibrates it for precision.

How should my oven’s temperature be adjusted? See the user handbook for your LG oven for specific instructions, as they differ based on the model. In most cases, you can change the thermostat up to 35°F to get the desired results.


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