Although Viking range burners are known for their cooking prowess, they can sometimes have problems igniting, which are common to all gas ranges.


Although Viking range burners are known for their cooking prowess, they can sometimes have problems igniting, which are common to all gas ranges. Why won’t the burners on my Viking stove light up? Generally speaking, they require a thorough cleaning. These probable reasons and fixes might help you figure out why your Viking gas range burners aren’t lighting.

How to Solve the Problem of Unlit Viking Gas Range Burners

Not every Viking burner problem calls for expert repair. A straightforward do-it-yourself repair and routine maintenance can often resolve the issue. When the burners on your Viking gas range won’t ignite, follow these steps to troubleshoot and find the correct fix.


Although Viking range burners are known for their cooking prowess, they can sometimes have problems igniting, which are common to all gas ranges.


The Viking range burners should be cleaned

Most lighting problems can be resolved by learning how to clean Viking range burners. Even though you might clean the range after cooking, food particles, spills, and grease can gather in the areas near the burners without your knowledge. This debris can accumulate and clog burner ports, preventing the gas from igniting. The following techniques for routine burner component cleaning can also stop lighting issues before they start.


To clean the burner bases, caps, and sealed burner top on your Viking stove, follow these cleaning instructions:

Caps for burners:

  • Lift each cap straight up to remove it.
  • Use a blue Scotch-Brite pad and hot, soapy water to scrub, or use Soft Scrub cleanser without bleach.
  • Use Easy-Off oven cleaning to spray caps with tough stains, then let them for one to two hours. Use hot, soapy water to wash.
  • Let the caps fully dry before putting them back on.

Bases for Burners:

  • Use a paper towel or sponge and hot, soapy water to wash.
  • Use a hot cloth to wet the base to remove any embedded stains.
  • Employ a wooden nylon spatula to remove stains with ease. Avoid using abrasive or metal cloths or cleansers as they may cause scratches on the surface.

Sealed Burner Top:

  • Use a gentle cloth or sponge and hot, soapy water to clean.
  • For stubborn stains, use Soft Scrub cleanser without bleach and a blue Scotch-Brite pad to scrub the area. Porcelain surfaces should be lightly scrubbed because excessive pressure can scratch them.

Examining the Gas and Power Connections

How can you tell whether the gas or electrical connection on your stove is bad? Your Viking oven can not heat up if the control panel is off because it’s not getting enough gas or electricity. The igniter, control panel, and other parts still need electricity, even if your range is gas.



It’s crucial to get the gas line inspected by a professional only for safety reasons!

  • Examine the power cord to ensure it is in good condition and is correctly plugged in. Restrictions on the voltage that an extension cable can convey should be avoided while utilizing them. Power-interrupting spikes may result from this.
  • Look inside the circuit breaker box: Check for tripped breakers and reset those that need to be reset.


Is the Area Around the Burners Wet?

Splashes and spills from cooking take a toll on range burners and might block the igniter. Cleaners and water can also leave behind moisture, which keeps the gas from lighting and sparking.

Give the moisture extra time to evaporate if, after cooking or cleaning, the burners on your Viking gas range won’t light. This makes it possible for the igniter to become dry and spark. If you’re pressed for time, pat the igniter lightly with a dry paper towel and then give it another five to ten minutes to air dry.


Swap out the defective igniter

After attempting these fixes, if your Viking gas range burners still won’t light, there’s a chance the igniter is broken. This essential part lets gas from your home supply flow through the range’s gas pipe by using electrical power to unlock it.

Watch the igniter as it tries to light the burner to see if there’s a problem. Should the igniter fail to ignite or need more than thirty seconds to ignite the gas, it is recommended that it be properly replaced.

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